Event Sanctioning for Obstacle Race in Malaysia

With the changes to Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 (pindaan 2018) (Akta 576), all sporting events are required to obtain sanctioning for their respective national associations. The changes to the process of obtaining an organizing license or lesen penganjuran from the Sports Commissioners Office or Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan where it is now required that event organizers obtain a sanctioning letter from their respective national sports association.

The changes to the Akta is due to high profile accidents which occured during recent sporting events in Malaysia.

For Domestic events, organizers are required to submit their request 3 months in advance while international events must be submitted 6 months in advance in order for respective associations to process the sanctioning request.

All event organizers for obstacle sports are advised to contact MORSA (Malaysia Obstacle Race Sports Association) to get their event sanctioned and we are MORSA advise athletes attending obstacle race events to inquire on sanctioning in the events they attend.

Organizers can get in touch with MORSA via email at Admin@morsa.org.my or contact us at 012 641 9697 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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